Window Trends To Look Out For In 2018

Homeowners are leaning towards a more minimalist look in interiors and this applies to the windows as well. The contemporary and minimalist style in windows means,homeowners are looking for dark colors, clean and simple shapes in windows and use of more glass. Along with aesthetics, they are also looking out for energy efficiency and long-term durability of the product.

The upcoming trends in custom cut window market

  • Black, black and more black in everything. Black is the biggest trend of 2018. Black windows suit contemporary style perfectly and majority of the homeowners desire a black on black window. Black color is dominating the palette in both the interior and exterior segments. The most favored combinations are, a dramatic all black look and a subtle black and white combination.
  • Most of the homeowners are keen on simple lines and neatly designed edges. As a result casement windows are seeing a rise in demand.
  • The square shaped windows are dominating the scene while the arches and curved shapes are seen as out dated.
  • The popularity of the open living concept has given way for custom-made windows that are large and use expansive glass. These large windows offer spectacular views of the surroundings and also increase the day light entering the house. This concept of large glass windows which was once a luxury option has entered the mainstream.
  • Pass through windows are gaining popularity in 2018. Slider doors, awnings and folding windows are used to give the pass through effect.
  • Homeowners are looking for energy efficient windows. Many of the buyers look out for the ENERGY STAR certification before investing in custom cut windows. Double paned glass windows are gaining momentum as they are the best-rated products in energy conservation. The gas filling present between the two glasses seals the interior air and keeps out air from the exterior.
  • The demand for high end woods like Mahogany and White Oak for windows is increasing. These woods have a modern and clean fine grain appearance.

Keeping these trends in mind, custom cut window manufacturers may come with new products that suit the tastes and preferences of the customers.