Perth Electrician Installing Fire Systems In A New Children’s Hospital

Unaccredited electricians are now setting-up the fire control system of the Perth Children’s Hospital, possibly leaving moredanger, according to a union. They should have hired a credible Perth electrician to ensure security and safety.

Under Western Australia regulations, low-voltage elements of the system had been installed by unaccredited electricians, which need to be inspected, authorized and connected to a high voltage power supply by licensed electricians.

According to Electrical Trades Union president Greg Wilton, it was improbable for the inspectors to thoroughly check the cabling working through enclosed spaces, so the work need to pass preliminary tests.

Mr. Wilton said the lead builder and contractor John Holland had subcontracted the installation to a company that utilized a labour hire firm to man the task.

It was consideredthat around 40% of the unlicensed electricians worked on a tourist visa with less vulnerability to Australian standards. According to Mr. Wilton, all thePerth electrician had to act as individual trader and secure an Australian Business Number so the subcontractor didn’t have the obligation for salary and pension.

He claims that there’s something going on with the arrangement down there, and that they are being dishonest, something that a reputable building contractor cannot do to ruin his reputation.

Mr. Wilton added that it’s another example of doing a cheap job without guarantee of high quality. The hospital had been seen with problems of asbestos in ceiling panels, faulty water pipes, lead in the water and fire door frames believed to be non-compliance to Australian Standards.

“I fully understand that the government is experiencing financial woes as of this moment,” he added.

“As you are building a children’s hospital, it is proper to ensure that everything is working fine. You need to spend more attention to ensure that the fire system holding the hospital full of kids is safe and in running condition. Perth electricians should be responsible for installing a reliable connection to ensure the safety of the kids.

Mr. Wilton had overseen electrical works of the newly established children’s hospital, Fiona Stanley Hospital, and said that there should have been better practices done.

John Holland had been reached to state his feedback.