Moving Problems Encountered By Military Families

On average, a military family will move from one house to another in every two or three years. They are moving with their belongings but there are instances wherein they don’t get their things. While many movers think about where to buy boxes for moving, they worry if they will still see their belongings that are on transit. The sad part is that the military is not doing anything to help them.

This is what happened to Sarah Taranto when they moved to their new place in San Antonio from Grafenwoehr. The move happened in May of last year and the army paid for everything as well as chose the moving company. Once they received their shipment in Texas, they are not prepared to see their belongings were ransacked.

Taranto said that they were very shocked because nothing is left but boxes. According to her, the shipment that was ransacked is worth $36,000 and they are not the only family affected because service members who also moved from Germany experienced the same issue.

Taranto sought for answers from local claims office of the army and eventually went to the Secretary of Defense to ask whose responsibility was it. She shared that she spent nearly two weeks just calling various departments to see how they can punish the accountable but they only answered that they have no idea.

June of 2017 was the month she filed for a claim against the mover which was hired by the military. They did not accept her claim and instead offered less than the estimated amount of her belongings.

The Department of Defense processes around 430,000 individuals for a move annually and they are allotting over $2 billion for the move. The problem is that they do not have an idea of the issues the movers have encountered.

According to the National Military Family Association’s Kelly Hruska, overseas moves are more complicated compared to local ones. Majority has minor issues but there are instances where thefts happen. Before the move, these people are troubled where to buy boxes for moving but after which they are faced with bigger problems.