Istanbul-Phuket Route Announced: More To Stay Novatel In Patong

Whether we like it or not, the airline industry is now booming more than it used to be during the past several years. Both passenger planes and the pilots are now becoming safer in terms of making safer and better choices to avoid compromising safety. In addition to this, we are getting nearer to the era where planes are no longer flown by pilots but will be flown by computers alone. Competition-wise, there are more airline companies that are joining in the fun to give frequent flyers more choices. You see, the more airlines there are for passengers to choose from, the better for the tourism industry of any given country because of the competition, airline companies will try hard to attract more passengers by offering various packages such as a package which include an accommodation at Novatel in Patong if you’re planning to visit the beautiful beach island of Phuket in the Kingdom of Thailand. In fact, Phuket is one of the Thai tourist spots that has been able to generate a record number of tourists who arrived both for the whole year of 2016 and during the first 6 months of 2017 and that surge can be attributed to the continuous opening of new air routes from various cities in the world to Phuket and vice versa.

To furthermore increase the number of Turkish nationals who are arriving to Phuket and enjoy the amenities and services being offered at Novatel in Patong, the Turkish Airlines has announced that as soon as Phuket Airport improves its facilities by providing more landing and take-off slots, the airline is keen to push through with its plans to facilitate direct flights from Istanbul in Tukey to Phuket in Thailand, with four flights a week. Thanks to the new time slots for flights, the said route is slowly gaining ground and despite the problems encountered in the time slots, the airline has been able to receive positive responses from passengers. In fact, the airline has already dispatched a larger vessel, the Boeing 777 300ER just to be able to meet the strong demand for the Istanbul-Phuket flights.