How To Fix Radiators Not Heating Up?

There can be countless common problems that may mean the radiators not heating up properly.

They may not provide you some warmth or you’re probably getting heat at the top or at the bottom. The radiators could be providing a whistling sound or probably need bleeding. Or probably there is leaking in the radiator.

Below you’ll find helpful tips on how to handle your radiators properly.

  • The radiator is cold at the top but hot at the bottom

If the radiators not heating up at the top, there may be some air trapped inside. Let the air out by actually letting the radiator bleed using a screwdriver or radiator key. All these may be purchased from a DIY store. Also for information on how to bleed radiators, you can check out the boiler’s manual or probably watch a short video on YouTube.

  • The radiator is cold at the bottom but hot at the top

You will need to clean the radiator and pipes from sludge, debris or scale. However, this is so tricky to repair. If you aren’t sure how to do it, let a licensed engineer do this job. They may need an efficient power flushing to remove the blockage from the heating system. After that, they can add a solution to prevent future buildups.

  • The radiators not heating up

If this is the problem, then you can have frozen or stuck valves. Or there can be sludge or rust in it. These can prevent water from getting into your radiator. If the problem remains unfixed, contact a licensed engineer to take a look at the problem.

  • The radiator may be leaking

Leaks on the radiator may be triggered by so many things, including a corrosion or leaking valve. If you notice some leakage, turn off the valves at each end and use towels or buckets to gather the leaking water. This needs a major attention from a plumber or a licensed engineer.

How to find a professional to fix or replace the radiators not heating up will need you to search thoroughly online. Or you can check with people close to you for some recommendation. If still you can’t find one, read reviews and feedbacks from current and previous customers. This should enable you to find a reputable someone who can repair the radiators.