Hoping To Be A Chef In The Best Luxury Hotel In Bangkok

A question will often pop up to once mind as to where to go for Filipino dishes. I always settle for my personal favourite, the reliable Aristocrat Restaurant, which one can perceive as the essence of Filipino home cooking.

A new chef de cuisine has invaded Restaurant 101 in Enderun Colleges. He is only 24 years old but seems to have mastered French cooking methods as if he had been cooking in the kitchen for several years. He may have plans to work in the best luxury hotel in Bangkok one of these days.

Chef Justin Baradas used to be a student of senior culinary academic consultant Chef Thomas Wenger of Enderun. The Swiss instructor used to be an executive sous chef of Mandarin Oriental Manila, Le Meridien President Bangkok, Le Royal Meridien Bangkok, Royal Hong Kong Jockey Club, Makati Shangri-La and The Oriental Singapore. Therefore, Chef Justin definitely trained himself with the best cook.

Le Jules Verne

This restaurant is found at the Eiffel Tower in Paris, so just picture yourself in the best luxury hotel in Bangkok one of these days. I had a chance of dining here a couple of years ago and such experience was a dream. Most of all, the restaurant served dishes reflective of the best of French cuisine. The taste was perfect and exquisite especially when paired with the finest wine. The dining experience truly matched the amazing view. The restaurant was of course owned by Alain Ducasse, world-renownedchef for having his three restaurants in different cities with Michelin stars.

The young chef worked almost half the day in the Le Jules Verne restaurant. He focused on the various French cuisine he can learn in Paris, while suffering a language barrier. He recalls he had to learn French the hardest way.

However, the young intern found no difficulty with speaking the language of food. He claimed that the methods used in the cooking were taught in the Ducasse Institute at Enderun, so he knew what to do.

Once ready for his culinary experience, he came back to the Philippines with mastery of the Ducasse cooking skills. Only at 24, he is the first Filipino chef at Restaurant 101, which feature the Ducasse Institute of the Philippines.