Google Helps Legitimize New York’s Claim As Silicon Valley East

Over the past centuries, different versions of New York City Illustrated Map were created. Some of the illustrated maps provide people with an idea on how Manhattan looked like in the early days. At present, modern day illustrations depict Manhattan in all its glory with popular landmarks, buildings, infrastructures and streets.

New York is one of the states that are patiently waiting whether they will be chosen as Amazon’s 2nd headquarters; however, another tech giant is helping New York City to legitimize its claim as Silicon Valley East. According to reports, Google is close to reaching the $2.4 billion deal that will add the landmark Meatpacking District building district to the substantial New York campus.

The building which is a block-long former Nabisco factory named after a ground floor upscale food mall, Chelsea Market, is across the street from Google’s current headquarters in New York City. Google is already renting space in Chelsea Market together with the offices of Major League Baseball and cable news channel NY1.

If the deal pushes through, it can be considered as among the most expensive real estate transaction for a single building in New York’s history. Meanwhile, the deal will provide Google with a remarkable Manhattan campus that can supplement its growing headquarters in Mountain View, California.

Other tech companies that include Amazon, Facebook and Spotify are growing in the city. Recently, Amazon has signed a deal that will bring 2,000 employees to a building that used to be occupied by The Associated Press on Manhattan’s far West Side.

According to a report by the state comptroller, there were 7,600 tech firms in New York in 2016, a 23% increase compared to 2010. The average salary of a tech employee in the city is about $147,300. The presence of large companies like Google and Amazon has created a robust ecosystem for young tech engineers.

If an illustrator were to create New York City Illustrated Map today, you can expect Google and Amazon headquarters to be highlighted prominently for a traveler. The illustrated map may not follow strict scale but the landmarks and popular building will generate a feeling of recognition from the first-time visitor.