Glitter Tyres For Your Car

You might have seen different types of tyres on the Gold Coast but you might have never seen tyres filled with glitters before. The holiday season is fast approaching and you might want to level up your car game in the most festive way. It is now possible to give your tyre a glitter makeover which will give it shimmering look after. What better way to celebrate the season of Christmas than with sparkling tyres?

The tyre coating is not permanent and it was introduced to the market by Black Magic. It will give your tyres a shining look that will stay on for a number of weeks. You will surely be envied by road users whenever you pass by.

Amazon has the product on list for only £6.60 or $8.72 and it comes with an applicator sponge to make the application easier. It is quite a hit among shoppers on Amazon. One customer left a review saying she gave it to her daughter as a gift because she is fond of everything that glitters. The daughter was very happy with the product that despite her mom telling her she wants to use it after, her mom is still waiting as she is fond of using it. She added that she might have to buy a separate one for her use. She also commended the delivery because it was faster than she expected.

The only problem for residents in the United Kingdom who wanted to purchase the Tire Wet Silver Spray, the name of the product, is that it cannot be shipped to the UK.

If you are living in the United Kingdom and feels disappointed with this news, do not worry as there is an alternative that can be purchased and is much closer.

Halfords, the hardware store, have the same product which retails for £7.99 and happy buyers are leaving reviews about the product used on their vehicles.

The glitter spray can be used in various material surfaces such as plastic, card, metal, paper and wood. You can purchase regular tyres on the Gold Coast and buy this glittery product if you want to have shiny, shimmery tyres.