Giclee Canvas Prints – A Different Form Of Art

Picasso paintings are not for everyone because they definitely cost millions of dollars. However, art enthusiasts have an option in canvas photo prints to grace their walls. Canvas has become a cost effective medium that is available for all. In fact, 200 established and emerging artists have made their art works available in the form of Giclee Canvas Art.

Giclee printing is often used by artists to make reproductions an original 2D photograph, art work or computer-generated art that can be sold while they retain the original stuff. The photograph or art work that has been printed on canvas is stretched or gallery-wrapped into frame so that it can be hanged on the wall or displayed above the coach as canvas photo prints.

Besides ensuring that the artists keep the original masterpiece, the artists get to earn royalty every time that a Giclee print is sold. This helps the artists in reducing their dependence on organized big sales to offer their work. On the part of consumers, the Giclee prints allow them an affordable and accessible medium to enjoy an original piece of art.

Bengaluru-based has become an exclusive art platform for more than 200 established and emerging artists that gave their rights for their masterpieces to be available in Giclee canvas prints. The works of the artists are curated by the platform based on their merits. The number of prints is determined by the artist. They can decide whether their works will be available through limited or open editions.

The prices of the Giclee canvas prints range from Rs 3,550 to Rs25,000. Artists are warming to the idea that their masterpieces are available through Giclee canvas prints because it reaches a larger and wider audience. Artists who used to be rather hesitant to share their masterpiece through the platform are now willing to do so because their work becomes commercially viable.

Because of advances in printing technology, canvas photo prints have greatly improved in quality and clarity. Sharp images are now produced with speed on canvas so that you will have a special way of preserving those special moments and candid photos that evoke memories.