Funeral Director In Perth On Mourners For A Wake In New York Funeral Parlor

Mourner Joseph Gorgonerepeatedly hit a funeral director amidst a wake – as the latter apparently asked about his 91-year-old mother’s health as if insensitively sniffing for business, law enforcers said. If you work as a funeral director in Perth, such incident should have never happened.

The wake happened at Greenwich Village Funeral Home where the 65-year-old director, Peter DeLucawas left with a concussion, and the alleged mourner with assault charges, according to reports from the New York Post.

Mr. Gorgone swore at the funeral director saying, “How dare you! You are lucky you are still standing!” as he repeatedly hit the funeral director in the head.

Both parties agree that the mourner was at the funeral home for the wake of his elderly aunt – but what motivated the funeral fistfight remains a thing of argument.

Telling the police of what happened, Mr. DeLuca politely initiated the sensitive issue of a supposedly unpaid bill for Mr. Gorgone’s father, who died around six years ago. Working as a funeral director in Perth will need you to be extra careful when dealing with those mourning for the dead.

Mr. Gorgonelives with his mother on Harrison Street in Tribeca and works as a data-entry clerk. He claims that his father’s funeral left them with no bills and that the fight broke after Mr. DeLuca enquired about his mother’s health.

Mr. Gorgone escorted his mother, the deceased woman’s sister, through the funeral home at that time, according to the source close to Mr. Gorgone.

“DeLuda made it sound like Mr. Gorgone’s mother is next and that he wanted to create business with it,” the source apparently told New York Post.

CCTV cameras were around, which filmed the whole incident, sources said to New York Post.

Both parties cannot be reached for their respective comments.

According to Mr. Gorgone’s lawyer, Michael Farkas, his client was a lawful citizen and a loving son, and hinted that there can be more about the real story.

Mr. Farkas said that Mr. Gorgone is a decent man who has never been in trouble all his life. He continues to fully investigate the case and get the real reason why such incident happened.

It’s a good thing that funeral director in Perth is polite with his customers. The story is posted first in the New York Post.