Exceptional 3D Introduced Their Latest Signage Displays

Exceptional 3D is a company that manufactures 3D displays and solutions which are glasses-free. Their latest offerings are three new displays which is included in the product line. All of the displays have the orientation similar to portraits and these are created in order to answer the growing demands for vertical displays in larger format. All of these new displays can be used in different applications. Signage systems such as Earlwood signage are proven to be one of the most effective methods of marketing.

The new 3D 4K display is 32 inches and glasses-free. These are intended to be used in convenience stores, quick service restaurants, pharmacies as well as establishments where smaller digital displays are needed with portrait format. The two remaining models are bigger with 58 and 85 inches respectively. They are glasses-free too but referred to as 3D kiosks. They are recommended for arenas, shopping malls, stadiums and transportation hubs.

The president and CEO of the Exceptional 3D, Mike Egan, said that they are excited about the latest size of the displays which is in portrait orientation. They created the products because they have seen an increase in the demand for displays with vertical sizes in the market. The company is positive that these new releases will be a big hit among their products and their biggest market will be in retail establishments and restaurant that provide quick-service to be used as their menu boards in digital form. Their customers will be able see items on the menu like the restaurant’s hamburger showing in the display as big as 15 inches. This will stimulate their sense of sight along with the smell of food and they will be tempted to order one.

The latest portrays displays are recommended to used alongside with the 3D displays from the company but in landscape Naked Eye format. There are sizes between 10.1 to 65 inches which is selling greatly in vertical markets all over the globe. For their store names, 3D laser cuts made like the ones by Earlwood signage are still the most attractive option.