Courier Services In NZ: Parcel Preparation Tips

Once in a while, you would need the services of courier services in NZ to send out parcels or important documents to recipients within the country or even abroad. To ensure that your parcels will get to your recipients in a timely manner and in one piece, make sure that you pack the parcel properly. Here are some useful tips.

  • The key to keep your items secure all throughout the shipping process is to pack the parcel properly. Make sure not to leave any empty space within the cardboard box. If the parcel is breakable, place some packing peanuts or foam at the bottom of the box. Another option is to wrap the item in bubble wrap or you can also make use of old newspaper to prevent any breakage or damage on your parcel. To ensure that there are no empty spaces within the box, gently shake it. This will tell you if the item is snug inside the box or if it is not yet secure.
  • Before sending your parcel to any of your chosen courier services in NZ, place a label on the box if there is a need to. You can put “fragile” or “breakable” for items that can get damaged during the process. You should also inform courier about the contents of your parcel so for them to apply extra care on it.
  • The timely arrival of the parcel should not be relied solely on the service provider. To ensure that your recipient will get the package on time, send it earlier or at least two days before your target date.The two days allowance will serve as a buffer in case there would be delays or untoward incidents during shipping. This is also applicable when sending packages during holidays or peak seasons.
  • Choose a trusted company for your parcels. Read reviews and testimonials given to courier services in NZ. You can check on the courier’s website or from third party review sites. Prefer a courier company that has been in the industry for a considerable number of years.