About Us

Television, radio and newspapers are good sources of up-to-date and comprehensive business and world news. They have good sources of information and they have fairly good reputations on accuracy. However, aside from the reading part, it is important that the stories be explained more thoroughly. This is the reason why we are introducing to you KSTIM; we want to improve the quality of news you receive and provide you with a better experience.

It is very likely that you are watching news on television but there are instances when the big networks focus only on the headlines. There is interesting business news that you may be concerned about but it is not reported as thoroughly as the hottest and latest news. We at KSTIM offer the same trustworthy news but we also provide you the latest in business from all over the world.

What makes KSTIM different from other news sources? We have made an effort to make KSTIM easy to access and navigate. All our news stories are categorized so that you can see the latest business and world news on the homepage. We also offer topics that might not be your major concern but it can be a nice change from the fast paced stories happening all over the world. We also offer you our search archives so that you can read some of the news that you might have missed.

Our team at KSTIM has been reporting news for quite some time and they are good about it. They are quick to get the facts about your favorite topics and they have reliable sources of news that you care about. Aside from business and world news, we have video clips so that you can understand our stories better.

KSTIM is also inviting you to join our community to give feedback via Twitter under our hashtag campaign or you can share your opinions with other readers of our site. We give you the chance to share your personal views and comments with our community so that you can discuss the relevance of the information we share. If you have any questions or concerns, please free to contact us at www.kstim.com.