A Black Barista Was Denied A Job At A Café With Marquee Hire In Sydney

A café had a marquee hire in Sydney to accommodate its customers and make them feel comfortable. However, a naturalized Australian man was denied of a job as a barista when a café owner told him his customersdidn’twant their coffee made by black people.Customers of the Forbes and Burton café in the inner city of Sydney were shocked to hear that its owner turned down Nilson Dos Santos of the job.

Mr. Dos Santos created an incredible scene by standing up and addressing the Café’s customers that he was turned down by the owner and if they had a problem of being served by a black man.  The incident affected the café’s marquee hire in Sydney for shelter. To show solidarity, many left the Café and one staff member even quit on the spot. Customers showed their outrage and even took the incident to social media and requested others to boycott the café.

Steven just arrived this year from Shanghai, China and confirmed that he was the owner of the café. He claimed to Daily Mail Australia that because Mr. Dos Santos was black, he didn’toffer him the job.

The café had lots of white customers and that he wanted to hire only the locals, not an African.Mr. Dos Santos recently became an Australian citizen and worked as a barista in Sydney for almost nine years.

He claims that he has never experienced anything like this in Australia. He loves to stay here in this country as a free man as he is welcomed and accepted, until today when he had this saddening experience. He claimed he arranged for an interview the other day after he saw the advertisement on Gumtree. But when he came in today, the owner was not pleased with what he saw. Mr. Dos Santos told Daily Mail Australia he was uncertain of his reaction. This could greatly affect the marquee hire in Sydney business.

Angry customers showed their dismay on social media. They were disappointed about the incident and said they will stop supporting the café. Regular customers showed their reactions on the Café’s Facebook page and planned to boycott the Café to prove that discrimination has no place in Sydney Australia.